The true cost of lost healthcare data is staggering

CaduceusHealthcare is second only to the business sector in number of annual data breaches, leaks and hacks. Damages from compromised healthcare data are second to none. Protecting sensitive data and complying with HIPAA and Data Protection Act regulations is an uphill battle for any organization regardless of size. A single platform solution like Vaultize can equip you with
document rights management, user permission administration, advanced encryption processes and file tracking that will give you an advantage against internal and external threats to your data security.

Download out data sheet about how high actual costs following a data breach, insider theft incident or leak can go.

Vaultize helps customers mitigate their risk of suffering a catastrophic data breach, cyber attack or insider theft incident through advanced EFSS, DRM, file tracking and encryption technologies. All Vaultize features are bundled into a single platform, meaning complete compliance and best data security practices can be rolled out quickly and efficiently across an organization.

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