9 Reasons to Invest in Vaultize DRM | Control, Protect & Track

9 Reasons to Invest in Vaultize DRM_Page_1.jpgVaultize’s DRM technology is unique because of our patented micro-containerization technology. Every file, regardless of type, can be protected from cradle to grave with Vaultize. Additional features include:

  • Admins can set company-wide document access restrictions (geo- and IP-fencing, time expiry, download limits) or on individual users and groups
  • Users can further restrict access rights (read-only, printing and screen capturing prohibition) when they share documents
  • Admins and users can revoke access to documents at any time, immediately shutting down leaks and mitigating damage from accidental sharing
  • Email attachments stay secure and trackable through the Vaultize Outlook plugin. Admins and users can automatically replace email attachments with DRM-protected links. This replacement can be controlled by IT using policies based on attachment size, recipient domains, etc.

Vaultize offers a variety of flexible deployment options, allowing business of any size or technology composition to take advantage of our industry-leading DRM tools.

Download our whitepaper "9 Reasons to Invest in Vaultize DRM" to learn more about how we beat out the competition. 

Download the Vaultize DRM Data Sheet