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The Problem With Email

Email attachments are one of the most difficult file sharing elements for IT teams to manage and secure. Without control over email attachments, you don’t have complete control over your enterprise file security, and hence there’s a high risk of data leakage. 

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Making Outlook and Lotus Notes Secure & Efficient 

The Vaultize plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes replace email attachments with secure links allowing even large size attachments. This enables more control while freeing up email storage (both in the mailbox and email server) and network bandwidth. Further, Vaultize’s embedded digital rights management (DRM) converts the file attachments into their DRM-encrypted versions so that access control on shared files is always maintained.

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Welcome To Better Email

Vaultize reduces the size of both primary and secondary mailboxes (mailbox size in Microsoft Exchange server, Lotus Domino server and Outlook PST file size) significantly, which enhances the experience with Outlook and Lotus Notes due to faster load times. Smart de-duplication reduces network and storage usage by up to 90 percent. All shared files are stored only once on the secure Vaultize server/cloud and a link is automatically inserted in the email.

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Start Benefiting From Email Security

  • Convert email attachments into secure links in Outlook and Notes
  • Support large size attachments - enjoy no limits on file size
  • Improve security, network usage and storage utilization through policy-based auto-conversion of email attachments to secure links
  • Policy-based DRM encryption of email attachments – including support for classification through integration with content-aware DLP
  • Support compliance and eDiscovery requirements through preservation of records to ensure regulatory audit and evidentiary scrutiny
  • Establish replacement policies based on the size of attachments, sender and recipients of the email, etc.
  • Enable secure file access through a web browser
  • Deploy manageable access rights for secure links, e.g., restrict access to sender and receiver only, restrict downloads or make files view-only through an online document viewer
  • Enable IT control over the use of Outlook and Lotus Notes plug-ins, including attachment replacement and file sharing policies
  • Create policies for auto-conversion of attachments to secure links
  • Manage access control and tracking with geo- and IP-fencing
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