Think Dropbox Is Secure? Think Again.

Seek A Dropbox Alternative For Truly Secure File Sharing

WP-5Warnings-472469-editedIf anyone in your organization uses Dropbox to store and share enterprise files, you’re ignoring secure file sharing best practices.

Even if using Dropbox isn’t approved in your organization, it’s likely that people are doing so. Dropbox has 300 million users and, according to a Cisco report, seven in 10 employees admit to regularly and knowingly breaking IT policies.

Dropbox is great for some organizations, but it’s not for everyone. Vaultize’s report, 5 Warnings You Should Heed When Searching For A Dropbox Alternative, helps enterprise IT chiefs assess the state of their enterprise file security and make improvements.

This whitepaper helps you:

  • Determine whether your organization needs an enterprise file sharing solution that’s more secure than Dropbox
  • Establish what to look for in a secure Dropbox alternative
  • Understand the security benefits of digital rights management (DRM) and mobile content management (MCM)
  • Recognize the need for end-to-end encryption and secure file sharing

Ready to learn more about Dropbox alternatives that are just as user-friendly and easy to use? Read this report today!

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