Mobile device security and mobile content management

Take the recent Broadpwn exploit, for example: Apple only patched iOS and Mac operating systems after a vulnerability in its Wi-Fi chipset was revealed by an independent security research company. Up until that point, thieves and hackers could run arbitrary code on phones via a Wi-Fi connection, collect passwords, steal documents and data on memory and in the cloud, and so on.

It’s scary to think that any time one of your employees checks their email or reviews a document on their phone from a café or at home, your reputation and the success of your enterprise are at risk.

Mitigate risk with mobile content management

Mobile content management tools are critical for maintaining complete control over your data and security in a world rife with hardware and software vulnerabilities. Vaultize provides its customers with a complete suite of mobile device security, mobile device management and mobile content management tools that help them stay confident as employees travel, work from home, or collaborate across the globe.

Mobile content management features and benefits

Vaultize’s patented mobile data containerization gives your organization end-to-end data security on all devices plus industry-leading MCM tools. Your important files and data stays encrypted, trackable and wipeable from source to mobile devices within your organization and beyond, all the way to devices used by partners.

Our MCM technology comes standard with:

  • VPN-free access to corporate repositories
  • Secure access for all endpoints
  • Encryption of files in mobile storage
  • Device PIN protection
  • Intelligent remote wiping tools for admins
  • Sharing and sync management
  • Access controls for shared documents (copy-paste, print, screen capture, and more)

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